Cash Donations

The cash donations you make to a charitable institution could entitle you to a tax deduction but there are some conditions that you’ll be required to fulfill. For starters, the donation must be made to a qualified institution. Some of the donations that will not make you qualify for tax deductions include donations made to individuals, private foundations and foreign governments and charities. All tax deductions to charitable donations are effective in the year when the payment is made. For this reason, if you, for instance, made a payment using your credit card, you are entitled to a deduction in the same year even if it is possible that you’ll pay the credit card company much later. Documenting donations The IRS requires that you maintain proper records of the donations you have made for you to qualify for tax deductions. Some of the documents accepted by the IRS include receipts from charitable organizations, bank statements and credit card statements. Donating to charities helps better the lives of people in need and the fact that you are entitled to tax deductions for your generous contribution is a welcome bonus.…

Charitable Donations and the Taxman: What You Need To Know

Research by the reputable National Institutes of Health (NIH) has confirmed that the mere act of making charitable donations makes donors feel better. This could be a good enough reason to donate to charities although different people have different reasons for doing so. Some want to leave legacies while others simply want to make the world a better place. Whatever your motivation, charitable giving is one of the most noble things you can commit to. The act of giving is so satisfying that the giver does not feel as if he or she has lost anything. Moreover, charitable giving comes with some tax benefits and it would be prudent to make use of the tax deductions that you are entitled to as a result of your donation. Tax deductions for in-kind donations Most people who are unable (or averse) to make cash donations usually make in-kind donations. If you therefore have items of clothing, electronics, furniture, etc that you no longer need, donating them to a charitable institution will not only help people in need but will actually entitle you to a tax deduction. What the IRS requires is that you get a receipt from the charitable institution you donated to showing the value of the items donated. The only additional requirement that IRS makes is that the items donated should be in good condition.…

How and Why you should make charitable Donations

You’ve certainly heard about the massive donations made to charities by billionaires such as Bill Gates, Ted Turner and what will happen to Warren Buffet’s massive wealth when he dies. This might make the average person think that donating to charities should be left to those with wealth they can never hope to exhaust in several lifetimes of opulent living. Yet, despite massive efforts to fight global poverty, there are areas of the world that still cry out for help. Donations by billionaires and corporate organizations still need to be complemented by donations from ordinary people. To make a difference in the life of a person in need, you really do not need to make a huge financial donation. In some parts of the world what you donate by foregoing a single night out could make a massive difference in somebody else’s life. Moreover, donations do not necessarily have to be monetary. In the average home, you are likely to find closets full of items of clothing in good repair which nobody will ever use again. Kid’s toys and computers which have been abandoned as their owners made upgrades could also make perfect donation items. In addition, you could make an even greater impact by volunteering your services. Charitable organizations are always in need of volunteers and you do not need to be a doctor (or a specialist in any field for that matter) to volunteer your services. This is because while you might think that charitable donations are only needed in far-away poor countries, there are plenty of charities which work to fight different forms of poverty and dependence even locally. Donating your money, time or expertise is very satisfying and those who give get as much (if not more) satisfaction as those who receive. Thank you to our local donator who runs a carpet cleaning maintenance company. Why donate? Donating to charity is one way of showing gratitude for what you have. It shows that you do not take what you have for granted. Making charitable donations also gives you a chance to act as a role model to people who do not fully appreciate the depth of poverty and want in the world we live in. By donating, you’ll be sending a message to your kids, friends and other people close to you and they’ll most probably be motivated to do the same. Making charitable donations could also be the only means you have to show support for a cause you feel passionately about. When you cannot be there in person, putting your resources in the hands of people who are as passionate as you are about a cause will prove satisfying enough.  …

Making The Choice Of A Donation Directory Site

There are many donation directory sites available throughout the internet and most of these sites take pride in their recycling programs. Most of the times, you might have things that end up in the garbage. These things could easily be used within the community by offering them to a Spokane donation directory site. The donation directory sites have items properly organised and they are specifically designed for giving people the alternatives to tossing their unused stuff into the garbage bins. If you are on the lookout of the right medium for disposing of items that you no longer use, then look for a Spokane donation directory site.

How Do The Donation Directory Sites Help?

Generally speaking, you always have the option of giving away usable goods on the donation directory sites. You can easily list a free classified advertisement for any item that you wish to donate. These sites also accept household items. It is also important to note that the donations made to non-profit organisations and government-authenticated organisations are tax deductible. The directory donation sites usually consist of the names of organisations that are of good help for people experiencing homelessness. The individuals who show interest in donating their resources and time can easily contact any of the organisations listed on the donation directory sites. Read more at